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Harvard College China Forum

Founded in 1998, Harvard College China Forum is North America’s leading and longest-running student-run conference on China. Dedicated to a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China, the forum aims to engage leaders in business, academia, and politics in a discourse that will offer insights and generate new ideas. The annual Forum typically takes place at Harvard University each April. More than 1200 delegates and 100 speakers attended the forum in 2016, making it the largest of its kind.


Selected Past Speakers

 (In alphabetical order)

Chen Dongsheng – Founder, Taikang Life Insurance Co.
Chen Feng – Chairman, HNA Group
Cho Tak Wong – Chairman, Fuyao Glass
Richard Cooper – Professor of International Economics, Harvard University; former Chairman, the National Intelligence Council
Mark Cuban – Entrepreneur; Owner, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks
Weili Dai – Co-founder, Marvell Technology Group 
Mark Elliott – Vice Provost of International Affairs, Harvard University 
Feng Lun – Chairman, Wantong Group
Feng Xiaogang – Actor, Director
Guo Guangchang – Chairman, Fosun International Limited
Fred Hu – Founder and Chairman, Primavera Capital
Arianna Huffington – Founder & CEO, Thrive Global 
Jin Liqun – President, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Ex-Minister, Ministry of Finance of China
Elaine La Roche – Senior Advisor, China International Capital Corporation; Former CEO, Morgan Stanley
Lei Jun – Founder, Chairman and CEO, Xiaomi 
David Daokui Li – Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor of Economics, Tsinghua University; Dean of the Schwarzman Scholars 
Li Zhaoxing – Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, China
Liu Mingkang – Ex-President, China Banking Regulatory Commission
Richard Liu – Founder and CEO, JD.com
Liu Wen – Supermodel
Liu Zhen – SVP, Bytedance (Toutiao)
Jack Ma – Founder and Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group
Mao Daqing – Founder, UR Work
Xiao-Li Meng – Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Stephen Orlins – President, National Committee on United States-China Relations
Pan Shiyi – Co-Founder and Chairman, SOHO China
Hank Paulson – Former Secretary of the Treasury, USA
Lucy Peng Lei – Co-founder, Alibaba; Chairwoman of Ant Financial 
Ross Perot Jr. – Chairman, The Perot Group and Hillwood Development Company
Kevin Michael Rudd – Former Prime Minister, Australia
Stephen Schwarzman – Co-Founder, Blackstone Group
Neil Shen – Founding and Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital China
Tad Smith – President and CEO, Sotheby’s 
Su Mang – Chairwoman and Editor in Chief, Harper’s Bazaar
Tian Yuan – Co-Founder, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
Wang Qiang – Co-Founder, ZhenFund
Wang Zuji – President and Vice Chairman, China Construction Bank
Xiang Bing – Founding Dean, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Bob Xu – Founder, ZhenFund; Co-Founder, New Oriental Education & Technology Group
Geling Yan – Author and Scriptwriter 
Yi Huiman – President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Yu Minhong – Co-Founder and Chairman, New Oriental Education & Technology Group
Lee Zhang – Founder, Chairman and CEO, iKang Healthcare Group; Co-founder, Harvard College China Forum Zhang Lei – Chairman and CEO, Hillhouse Capital
Zhou Xiaochuan – Governor, People’s Bank of China  



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