The Startup in You

On November 24, 2014, the prominent Chinese angel investors and founders of ZhenFund Bob Xu and Victor Wang came to Harvard to engage a dialogue with students interested in entrepreneurship. They brought along with them founders of their portfolio companies, including He Bofei from Deep Glint, Xiao Dun and Tao Jingwen from 17zuoye, and Wang Zhe from ZEUSE.

Xu encouraged audience members—many of whom are Chinese students studying at Harvard—to return to China after completing their studies and take advantage of an favorable climate for entrepreneurship in China. He pointed out that one should dare to take risks in one’s twenties, and shared ZhenFund’s philosophy of attracting top talents and providing them with the best resources.

Wang pointed out that Beijing has become China’s center for entrepreneurship, and that entrepreneurs have more diverse choices. The globalization of entrepreneurship has allowed Chinese founders to go abroad and expand worldwide.

The two seasons entrepreneurs said that starting a company takes grit and determination. It is not enough to have the courage to think big; one also need to have the courage to put words into actions. “The difference between success and failure is action,” Wang said.

During the Q&A session, the founders of several growing startups shared their experience of starting a company. He reminded audience members that Chinese students who have studied in the U.S. are not necessarily more qualified than locally educated talents, because they may be less in touch with China’s society. He suggested that Chinese students studying overseas should stay in tune with news and developments in their home country.