March 6, 2019

Zehong Zong is a freshman in Hurlbut, Crimson Yard from Zhengzhou, China. He is considering to major in Math with a secondary concentration in Psychology. In his free time, Zehong enjoys playing Basketball and reading novels of all kinds. Also, Zehong is a big fun of Go, a traditional strategy board game form China.



  • Interview

    Why are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Chinese Philosophy?

    “This course will change your life” These are the words with which Professor Puett begins each year of his class, Ethical Reasoning 18: Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory, one of the most popular courses at Harvard. How can this class attract over 500 Harvard College students while being featured on news media “New York […]

  • Review

    The Startup in You

    On November 24, 2014, the prominent Chinese angel investors and founders of ZhenFund Bob Xu and Victor Wang came to Harvard to engage a dialogue with students interested in entrepreneurship. They brought along with them founders of their portfolio companies, including He Bofei from Deep Glint, Xiao Dun and Tao Jingwen from 17zuoye, and Wang […]