Anna Fang



方爱之是真格基金创始合伙人兼CEO,投资了小红书、完美日记、依图科技、Club Factory、出门问问、地平线机器人、蜜芽、VIPKID等众多明星项目。方爱之自2019年起连续两年入选《福布斯》杂志“全球最佳创投人”榜单(The Midas List),被清科集团授予“2018年中国早期投资家10强”,荣获36氪2018中国最受创业者欢迎投资人TOP 100,登榜福布斯在全球范围内评选的 The 2016 Midas Brink List,并在2016年被评为世界经济论坛“全球青年领袖”。方爱之拥有哥伦比亚大学学士学位和斯坦福大学工商管理学硕士学位。

Anna Fang is the Founding Partner and CEO of ZhenFund, who has made successful investments in RED (XiaoHongShu), Perfect Diary, Yitu, Club Factory, Mobvoi, Horizon Robotics, Mia and VIPKID. Anna has been listed in Forbes Magazine’s “The Midas List” (The World’s Best Venture Capital Investors) for two consecutive years since 2019, awarded the “Top 10 Early Investors in China” by Qingke Group in 2018, and listed as one of the top 100 most popular investors among Chinese entrepreneurs by 36 Kr in 2018. She was also part of Forbes’ 2016 Midas Brink List and was named a “Global Youth Leader” by the World Economic Forum in 2016. Anna received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business.