Lawrence Tian





Dr. Lawrence Y. Tian is  Founding Partner of Yuanming Capital, a cross-border investment company founded by entrepreneurs and senior medical investment experts who are familiar with the market of China and America. The company seeks to invest in pharmaceutical research, creative medical instruments development and advanced medical service companies.
Prior to Yuanming Capital, Dr. Tian established China International Futures Corporation and served as Chairman in China Chengtong Group. Dr. Tian has successfully closed a RMB 22 billion restructuring case and led to acquire Hong Kong public company with the total asset of HK$ 2 billion. He operated investment coordination, the sale of assets, and corporate restructuring for the largest ski resort in China, Yabuli Ski Resort, with the total asset of up to US$ 0.2 billion. He was also responsible for the restructuring and sale of a China famous securities company and its twelve affiliates. Since 2010, Dr. Tian has been committed to promoting China’s capital investment in US life science innovative companies, and has accumulated solid experiences. Dr. Tian is the Founder and Chairman of China Entrepreneurs Forum and Founder and Chairman of China-U.S. Business Leaders Roundtable. He is also a core organizer of various high-end meeting for entrepreneurs of both countries. He has the power of extensively social influence in the business area of China and U.S. Furthermore, he used to be the first Chairman of China Futures Association. Dr. Tian obtained his master’s degree and doctoral degree in Wuhan University. He was awarded by the China highest prize for economics, China Economics Theory Innovation Award.