Walker先生在麦肯锡工作了46年后, 最近以高级合伙人的身份退休。他曾为美国、欧洲以及亚洲多家金融机构提供专业的咨询服务,在亚洲更是专注于中国市场。他领导麦肯锡的全球保险业务多年, 并担任纽约办公室总裁。他担任麦肯锡股东委员会成员长达15年。 他曾前往中国进行了80多次访问, 为多家中国领先的金融机构和保险公司服务。在他广泛的中国之行中,他与中国的众多行业专家,以及许多与他一样对道教感兴趣的人建立了深入的联系。他正在写作一本新书, 讨论他通过个人经验认识到的中国与西方媒体对中国的报道之间的差距, 探讨西方对中国的核心误解以及这些误解的根源,并提出化解冲突的沟通方法。新书将于今年年底出版。


Mr Walker recently retired as a Senior Partner after 46 years at McKinsey. He have served a wide range of financial institutions in the U.S.,Europe and Asia with a focus on China. He led McKinsey’s Global Insurance Practice for many years and served as head of the New York Office. He was a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders Committee, the firm’s board of directors, for 15 years. During his final 15 years he made over 80 trips to China serving a number of China’s leading financial institutions and insurance companies. During his extensive travel to China he, beyond his client service, connected with a broad range of experts in China, as well as many who share his interest in Taoism. He is finalizing a book which will address the disparity between the China he has gotten to know through personal experience and what is written about China in the Western press, explore the core misperceptions about China in the West and the root causes of those misperceptions. The book is expected to be published in Fall this year.