Saman Farid是百度创投合伙人兼美国区负责人。他是热爱创业和前沿技术的投资人。具有多次创业与退出的经历(互联网电 视、跨境电商、智能物流)。曾作为硅谷Comet Labs早期基金和孵化器的创始人,致力于帮助人工智能技术及其在产业中的应用。他参与投资和孵化了近50家AI企业,帮助他们实现从0到1的成长。Saman曾在联想之星、Honeywell、德勤、微软、Verizon等公司任职。Cooper Union大学控制系统学士、清华大学及麻省理工国际工商管理硕士。

Saman is a passionate supporter of early-stage startups. He built startupsin the areas of e-commerce, IP television, and logistics management. After two exits, Saman decided to pursue his passion of helping entrepreneurs succeed by founding Comet Labs–a dedicated fund & incubator with the explicit goal of helping AI technology become widespread and productive. Saman invested in 48 companies through the fund, and helped incubate dozens of idea-stage companies and academic-breakthroughs. Saman previously and held positions at Honeywell, Verizon, Deloitte Consulting and Microsoft in roles ranging from R&D to operations optimization. He received his Bachelors degree in Control Systems Engineering from the Cooper Union and his MBA from Tsinghua and MIT. Looking for a more scalable way to help startups globally, Saman joined BV as a Partner leading the US team. He invests in AI companies in their early stages.