Xu Chen 徐辰

Xu Chen 徐辰

Chairman, CGCC; President and CEO, Bank of China USA; 美国中国总商会会长,中国银行美国地区行长

Mr. Xu Chen started his banking career at Bank of China Head Office in 1990. Since then, Mr. Xu had worked successively in various departments including Executive Office, Corporate Banking Department, and London Branch before he was promoted to the position of General Manager of Olympic Affairs Department in 2004. This Department was set up specially to supervise the Bank’s effort of offering the best banking services for the Olympics where Bank of China was the sole bank partner of the 2008 Beijing Games. In August 2008, Mr. Xu was reassigned as General Manager of Financial Institutions Department, a position he held until January 2015. In January 2015, Mr. Xu was transferred to the United States and assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of China USA. He now supervises New York Branch, Queens Branch, Los Angeles Branch, and Chicago Branch. Effective March 2015, Mr. Xu serves as Chairman of the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA. Mr. Xu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information System from Tsinghua University, China, and a Master’s Degree from the University of International Business and Economics, China, major in Business Management. Mr. Xu, born in China, is married. He has a teenage daughter.

徐辰先生于 1990 年加入中国银行开始他的职业生涯。徐辰先生曾在中国银行总行办公室、公司金融部以 及伦敦分行担任重要职务。2004 年,徐辰先生晋升为中国银行奥运办公室主任。中国银行为 2008 年北京奥运会唯一的银行合作伙伴,特别设立了奥运办公室,旨在为北京奥运会提供最好的银行服务。2008 年 8 月,徐辰先生被委任为中国银行总行金融机构部总经理。2015 年 1 月,徐辰先生被调任为中国银行美国地区行长,全面负责纽约分行、纽约皇后分行、洛杉矶分行、芝加哥分行等四家在美分行的业务发展。徐辰先生自 2015 年 3 月起担任美国中国总商会会长。徐辰先生本科毕业于清华大学经济管理学院信息系统专业,并在对外经济贸易大学取得企业管理专业硕士学位。徐辰先生出生于中国,已婚并育有一女。

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