Baleen Labs

Baleen Labs让创业者无需编写任何代码、快速将商业灵感转化为功能强大的应用程序。用户可以在Baleen的图形界面上通过拖放的形式构建起业务逻辑模块,一键式部署、优化程序——搭建如微博、摩拜单车这类程序的操作流程如同制作PPT一样简便。Baleen的算法在幕后自动生成、执行后端操作代码,并实时优化应用程序的性能和安全系数。Baleen可帮助用户在几小时内、花正常成本的一小部分构建起业务。


Baleen Labs enables entrepreneurs to build powerful applications without writing code. Using a drag-and-drop interface, Baleen’s users can visually construct applications on the order of Uber or Venmo, with the same ease that they would build a PowerPoint presentation.  Baleen provides an intuitive graphical user interface where applications can be rapidly built, seamlessly deployed and easily optimized. Smart algorithms empower applications to scale and evolve with client needs. With Baleen, users can convert ideas into business within hours and at a fraction of the cost.