人工智能及深度学习正迅速的改变人们生活的每一个领域。自从 2012 年以来,人工智能创业吸引了超过
149 亿美元的投资以开发更为高效准确的算法,和高速低功耗的计算机硬件。随着数据量的增大,现有的计
算平台难以满足日趋复杂的深度学习模型及其特有的计算方式。Lightmatter 开创性的利用光计算,而不是
传统的电子计算方式来解决这一难题。基于 3 项美国专利开发的光学人工智能加速器和软件架构比传统电
子计算方式快 10 倍,却只需要 1%的能耗。我们的原型芯片受到了包括 Google, Facebook 以及 Toyota 在内

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming society at an astonishing pace in every corner of human endeavor.
Billions of dollars have been invested in the development of efficient algorithms and hardware tailored to
AI tasks which are both computationally intensive and power consuming. Lightmatter addresses this
challenge by computing with light rather than electrical signals. Our patented optical AI accelerator and
framework is 10x faster—yet 100x more energy efficient—than existing electronics-based solutions. Our
prototype has attracted interests from potential customers including Google, Facebook and Toyota. Initial
target markets include public cloud servers and autonomous vehicles.