Luccia是为教育产业提供创作、分享、探索高品质虚拟现实内容的一站式平台。我们吸纳了线下和线上交流的的优势,运用虚拟现实技术为我们的用户带来革命性的教育体验,拓展教育业务质量和规模。 我们的用户群体包括希望扩展生源的前瞻性教育机构、网络教育从业者及学生。我们正积极与哈佛商学院招生部门合作,并参与哈佛大学在线语言类课程教学与HULT国际商学院网络课程平台搭建的项目中。


Luccia is a total solution for creating, sharing, and exploring VR education content. We combine the best of in-person communication (vivid, immersive, interactive) and web-based communication (convenient, cost-effective, scalable) for our multiple stakeholders: forward-looking higher-ed institutions, star professors who want to carry their style for online teaching, remote students who want to access high-quality education, and VR hardware platform companies who want to drive more sales and offer more content. Our current pilot contracts include campus tours for Harvard Business School, language learning for Harvard University, and online learning for Hult International Business School.