Orimagi 依托前沿的机器人科研成果,将东方传统折纸艺术的美学,工程价值和机器人技术深度整合。折纸机器人技术集开放性,多样性,创造性为一体,以低成本,高效率,高便捷性为特点,致力于为科技创新教育提供一套全面的,多维度的解决方案,打造一个全面的STEAM教育生态系统,为培养下一代科技创新领袖提供孕育和成长的沃土。


At orimagi, we are dedicated to inspiring next generation of doers, dreamers, inventors, innovators. Our origami-Inspired robot is an innovative robot fabrication system, which combines aesthetic and engineering value of origami with robotics. It provides an unprecedented robotics education solution for STEAM educators and new experience for our young talents to embrace the world of robotics.