Susan Li于2019年1月加入福克斯商业网络(FBN)担任商务记者。她在FBN纽约总部报道财经新闻,并曾采访一些商界和经济政策中最著名的人物,包括加拿大总理 Justin Trudeau和Uber首席执行官Dara Khosrowshahi。

此前,她曾担任CNBC亚洲Squawk Box和Worldwide Exchange的联合主席,负责全球经济和政治问题。 Li还主持了CNBC国际台的First Class节目,一个奢侈旅行和生活方式节目。

在加入CNBC前,她是Bloomberg Television的香港主播,她主持了First Up with Susan Li节目,并在2012年亚洲获得了“最佳新闻节目” 电视奖。 此外,她还是该电视台在亚洲的主要负责人,主持如亚洲之星、Bloomberg Edge和Morning Call节目。


Susan Li joined the FOX Business Network (FBN) as a business correspondent in January 2019. Li covers breaking financial news based out of FBN’s headquarters in New York and has interviewed some of the most prominent names in business and economic policy, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

Previously, Li served as co-anchor of CNBC’s Asia Squawk Box and Worldwide Exchange where she covered global economic and political issues. Li also hosted CNBC International’s First Class, a luxury travel and lifestyle program.

Prior to CNBC, Li was a Hong Kong-based anchor with Bloomberg Television where she hosted First Up with Susan Li, which won “Best News Program” at the 2012 Asian Television Awards. Additionally, she was the network’s lead anchor in Asia, hosting her talk show Asia Stars, Bloomberg Edge and Morning Call.

A graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in economics, Li got her start reporting at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where she covered various political and consumer topics.