Executive Board



Yufeng Ling is a senior in Cabot House studying Mathematics and Statistics. Born in Nanjing, China, he attended high school there before coming to Harvard College. Yufeng is passionate data science and will be working in quantitative finance after graduation. An avid poker lover, he also enjoys basketball, skiing and travelling.




Leo Liu is a senior in Dunster House studying Visual and Environmental Studies and government. He grew up in Shenyang, a city in northeast China and went to high school in Southern California. He has a passion for politics and has recently worked as a finance assistant for Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. In his spare time, he enjoys watching films and making films.




Jia Rong Li is a senior in Kirkland house studying economics. He was born in Guangzhou, China and moved to Brookline, MA when he was seven. Aside from HCF, Jia Rong’s largest time commitments include working with non-profit service organizations in the Boston area. His hobbies include traveling, cooking, and music.

Co-Vice President



Feiyang Zhu is a senior living in Currier House studying Applied Mathematics. He was born in Guangdong, China and moved to New York City for high school. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing billiards and eating good food.

Co-Vice President


Maple Feng

Maple is a 2nd year MBA student at Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, she was a Vice President at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Asset, the world’s largest infrastructure PE fund manager. Prior to Macquarie, she graduated from Renmin University of China with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance, Economics. Maple was born in Shenyang, China. She enjoys arts and likes to read and travel; occasionally she performs stand-up comedy. While at HBS, she is also board member of HBS Greater China Club, HBS Leadership and Human Capital Club.

Executive Board



Wizz Zhao is a senior in Currier House studying Statistics and Psychology. Originally from Hunan, China, he studied and lived in Singapore for 4 years under SM1 scholarship sponsored by Singapore Ministry of Education. At Harvard, he is also a member and past Vice-President of the Harvard Glee Club. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, choral music, travelling, and story-telling.

Executive Board





Xinyue Selina Xu is a sophomore at Harvard College studying English. She is Chinese by heritage, New Zealander by birth, but grew up in a multicultural metropolis as a true-blue Singaporean. She is interested in stories of all mediums, diverse narratives from around the world, and the role of content in the age of tech. In particular, she hopes that more stories about Asia can be created by Asians in the global cultural matrix. She runs her own lifestyle and creative writing blog at www.selinaxu.com.

Programming Chair



Will Long is a junior in Kirkland House planning concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Philosophy. He was born and raised on Long Island. Outside of HCCF Will enjoys staying active by doing calisthenics, and is currently training to qualify for The Boston Marathon. In his spare time, Will enjoys listening to hip hop, and doing the internet.

Programming Senior Director



Raymond is a sophomore in Cabot House studying Environmental Science and Public Policy with a secondary in Astrophysics. Originally from Beijing, China, he has extensive experience in environmental organizations. Outside HCCF, Raymond conducts research on energy policy and participates in STAHR and Mountaineering Club. In his free time, he has travel to more than 30 countries and enjoys being a freelance travel photographer.

Programming Director



Philip Milana is a sophomore in Cabot House interested in studying Statistics and East Asian Studies. He comes from a very diverse background, being ethnically half Chinese and half Italian. As someone who has had strong influences from both Chinese and American roots, he finds HCCF’s mission resonates with his own desire to facilitate connections between China and the US. Outside of HCCF, he is involved in HAUSCR, is an avid sports enthusiast and loves playing contract bridge.

Programming Director



Yiting Yang is a sophomore majoring in neuroscience and applied math. She comes from Foshan, Guangdong and graduated from UWC Changshu. She likes to reflect on her diverse educational experiences and explore innovative ways of education. Outside of HCCF, Yiting is also involved in Harvard Association for U.S.-China Relations and the Harvard Badminton Club. Yiting enjoys traveling, kayaking, and exploring new things.

Programming Director



Jenny Xu is a freshman in Pennypacker Hall from Beijing, China planning to concentrate in History of Art and Architecture and a secondary in Economics. Aside from HCCF, Jenny works as a guide for the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Jenny is very passionate about Chinese calligraphy and painting, has been practicing it for 10 years, and published three academic writings in regards of it. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, travelling, and visiting museums.

Programing Associate



Jerry Yang is a freshman in Grays planning to concentrate in Applied Mathematics. He was born in Florida, grew up in China, went to boarding school in Massachusetts, and now lives in New York. Aside from HCCF, Jerry is involved in IoP’s STEAM program, WHRB, and rugby.

Programming Associate



Hannah Pan is a freshman from Palo Alto, CA planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Global Health and and Health Policy. Having lived in both China and the United States, she is very passionate about bilateral relations between U.S. and China. Outside of HCCF, Hannah enjoys traveling, volunteering, and learning new languages.

Programming Associate



Jerry Huang is a freshman in Canaday from Chengdu, China, interested in the field of international development and planning to concentrate in Applied Math with the area of application in Economics. He is also exploring CS solutions to emerging challenges in developing world. Outside campus, he loves couchsurfing, cycling, cooking and singing.




Olivia Fu is a first-year in Apley Court from Sacramento, California. She currently is looking at studying Government and East Asian Studies with a secondary in Economics or Statistics, and is interested in diplomacy and international business. She is also involved with Harvard Consulting and the Asian American Association on campus, and loves traveling across East Asia for the food and culture.

Programming Associate



Eric Yang is a Freshmen in Thayer House. Originally from Hong Kong, he attended the Groton School, an Boarding School in Massachusetts. Eric is interested in studying either History or Government and he pursues his interest in politics with work in the IOP and Citizenship Tutoring.

Programming Associate


Peng Zhu

Peng Zhu is a Junior in Cabot House studying Theater, Dance and Media. He joined HCF in 2015. Peng grew up in Beijing and graduated from Beijing No.4 High School. Both at Harvard and in Beijing, he has been involved in the performance, production and translation of multiple theatrical works, and plans to direct his original work in Autumn of 2019. Peng is also passionate about history and cultural studies, and enjoys watching films and biking in his spare time.

Programming Director


Strategy Committee


Minghao Li

Minghao Li is an MBA candidate from Harvard Business School, class of 2019. He is from Wuhan, Hubei. Post graduation, he will focus on private equity investment in the Asia-Pacific. In his spare time, he enjoys books, photography, and tennis.

Internationa Development


Zoe Zhu

Zoe is a second-year student in Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, she worked for Unilever in both Shanghai and Tokyo. In her spare time, she loves sports, traveling, and experiencing things she never tried before, like skydiving, bungy jump, campervan.



Haoran Chang

Haoran Chang is a first year MBA student at Harvard Business School. Before HBS, she worked in FMCG and Venture Capital in China and Japan. She is also a part time Latin dance teacher.

Smart Retail


Zhuopei Chen

Zhuopei Chen is a first-year student at Harvard Business School. Prior to business school, Zhuopei worked in the management consulting industry in Shanghai and London, focusing on private equity, consumer goods & retail, and TMT sectors. In her spare time, Zhuopei enjoys film, photography, paragliding, and traveling.



Nicole Mao

Nicole Mao is a first year joint degree student (Master of Public Policy and Master of Business Administration) at Kennedy and Business School. Before Harvard, she was a management consultant focusing on urban development. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and cooking.

International Development


Cissy Chen

Cissy Chen will receive a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in May 2019. Before attending graduate school, she was employed with Royal Bank of Scotland in both Shanghai and then in Singapore as a coporate and financial institution BD/Sales for 3 years. During the past two years, Cissy has been working part-time for a talent solution technology startup in the US and driving impact interesting initiatives in China.

Social Impact


Sam Yinglin Xu

Sam Xu is an EC student at Harvard Business School. He was born in Beijing and grew up in Houston. Sam studied petroleum engineering for his undergrad and worked in energy finance for 6 years prior to HBS. Aside from HCF, Sam’s largest time commitments has been in working on his startup ideas. He is eager to start his own business in China after HBS. In his spare time, Sam enjoys travelling, Skeet shooting, music, and food.



Alex Xu

Alex, first year MBA student at HBS, focuses his career in the tech transportation space with 3 years of experiences at Uber and 1 year at ofo. He is from Chengdu and loves a good hot pot.




Ariel Yang

Ariel Yang is a first year MBA student at Harvard Business School, and she originally came from Changsha, Hunan. She had her undergrad at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Bloomington, with double majors in Finance and Accounting, and a minor in French. Prior to HBS, she is a product marketing manager at YvesSaintLaurent Beauty, with venture capital experience in TEEC Angel Fund and Alpha Startups. She is passionately exploring entertainment, fashion and beauty sectors and she loves arts, all kinds of sports and singing.



Mei Tao

Mei Tao is an MBA student at Harvard Business School, and a cross-border investor & operator. She previously worked in VC at Baidu ventures, growth at VIPKID, and emerging market investing at IFC/World Bank. Mei holds dual degree in Statistics and Business from UC Berkeley.

Venture Competition


Peter Le






Yawen Tao

Yawen Tao is a first year student at Harvard Business School. Prior to HBS, Yawen worked in the global trading business at British Petroleum. Prior to that, she completed the company’s global management trainee program, where she gained extensive operational experience. Yawen grew up in Wuhan, Hubei. She attended Nanjing University and studied international trade and economics. In her free time, she likes running and enjoys the arts (museums, exhibitions and live performances).


Mark Ma

Mark is currently a first-year MBA student at Harvard Business School. Mark grew up in Hong Kong and mainland China and began attending boarding school in the U.S. when he was 10. Prior to HBS, Mark worked in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in New York and Beijing and is a graduate of Boston College. Mark is passionate about aviation, investing, golf, and traveling.






Mike Shao is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House from Shenzhen, China planning to concentrate in Social Studies with a secondary in Statistics. Aside from HCCF, Mike works as a research associate at the Harvard Business School, and writes for The Harvard International Review. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, traveling, and trying different kinds of food.

Marketing Chair



Lawrence Gu is currently a sophomore in Eliot House studying history and sociology. He is from Chengdu, China, and is interested in political economy and international relations of East Asia. Aside from HCCF, he also participates in Harvard-Radcliffe Kendo Club and conducts research on East Asian history. In his free time, he enjoys classical music, traveling and learning new languages.

Marketing Chair



Jeff Jiang is a sophomore in Cabot House interested in studying either Economics or Computer Science. He grew up and attended high school in Beijing before coming to Harvard College. He enjoys playing the game “werewolf”, soccer, and watching anime during his spare time.

Marketing Director



Wendy Wu is a freshmen from New Jersey and Shenzhen, China. She plans on pursuing a double concentration in Architecture and Environmental Science and Engineering. Outside of HCCF, Wendy is a part of several environmental groups and PBHA community service volunteering. For fun, she loves to draw, paint, and dance.

Marketing Associate


Roger Zhang

Roger Zhang is a freshman in Thayer Hall. Born and raised in Shenzhen, China, he developed a keen interest in social sciences and humanities. He is currently considering to concentrate in Social Studies or Philosophy. Along with HCCF, Roger serves as the Outreach Liaison for Former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu in the Institute of Politics, and writes for The Harvard Crimson. His favorite movie is Dead Poets Society”.

Marketing Associate



Nathan Zhao is a sophomore from Jiangsu, China. He is a Math and CS concentrator living in Cabot House. Outside of class, he sings at the Harvard Glee Club. In spare time, he loves to play guitar and do backpacking. He is also a fervent rodent fan.

Marketing Associate



Stephanie Yao is a freshman in Thayer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, planning to concentrate in Applied Mathematics and/or Computer Science. Besides working on HCCF, Stephanie plays flute in the Harvard Pops Orchestra and is hoping to join the Arts Board of The Crimson. Other things she enjoys include classical music, romance movies, spicy food, and ramen noodles.

Marketing Associate



Katharina Wolf is a freshman in Canaday interested in concentrating in Economics on a Pre-Med track. She was born in Germany, but has lived in Orlando, Florida for most of her life. In the past, she has interned at the New York Stock Exchange and worked as a trends analyst for MTV. In her spare time, Katharina enjoys traveling, learning new languages and spending time with friends and family.


Marketing Associate



Zehong Zong is a freshman in Hurlbut, Crimson Yard from Zhengzhou, China. He is considering to major in Math with a secondary concentration in Psychology. In his free time, Zehong enjoys playing Basketball and reading novels of all kinds. Also, Zehong is a big fun of Go, a traditional strategy board game form China.


Marketing Associate



Nancy Hu is a freshman in Thayer Hall from Xiamen, China, still exploring different fields but is interested in economics, social sciences and chemistry. Aside from HCCF, Nancy also works as an assistant director for HMUN administration. She is an alto in Racliffe Chorus Society, a badminton enthusiast, a decent cook and a lazy vocaloid music producer.

Marketing Associate





Karen Yang is a sophomore in Winthrop House concentrating in Statistics with a secondary in East Asian Studies. A southern girl at heart, Karen was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. Outside of HCCF, Karen is director of HSA Strategy, a committee member of the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business, and co-cultural chair of the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association and continues to dance and compete in pageants. Karen is passionate about the intersection of social impact and business, cultural competency through education, and understanding the fashion and cosmetics retail industries.

Operation Chair



Ruiyi Li (Linda) is a sophomore living in Quincy. She is passionate about exploring the intersection of mathematics and social sciences and potential concentration in Statistics or Economics with a secondary in history. She was born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, and has spent most of her life in Nanjing. Outside of HCF, she is also a member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company and a photographer for the Harvard Crimson. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting museums, photography and listening to podcasts.

Operations Chair



Elisa Zhao Hang is a sophomore in Adams House planning on studying Computer Science. Although her parents are Chinese, she was born in Brazil and studied at an international high school in São Paulo. She is interested in software development and robotics, and in her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, dancing, and learning East Asian languages.

Operations Director



Elynna Chang is a sophomore in Eliot House studying Sociology and Economics. Her family is from Shanghai, China, but she grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of HCCF, Elynna is an associate of Consulting in Business & Environment, serves as co-finance chair in the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association, and dances in the Asian-American Dance Troupe (AADT). She is also very passionate about international policy and social enterprise, and enjoys sketching in her spare time.

Senior Operations Associate



Anna O’Neil is a freshman living in Canaday from London, UK and is planning to concentrate in East Asian Studies. Aside from HCCF, Anna is a member of the Club Tennis team. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling and cooking.

Operation Associate



Matthew Ho is a freshman at Harvard planning to study Chemistry. A Californian born and raised, Matthew grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Outside of HCCF, Matthew is involved with the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association, Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and Harvard University Science Olympiad. He enjoys playing badminton, watching The Office, and travelling.

Operations Associate



Young Jun Andrew Kim is a first-year student from Seoul, South Korea, currently living in Thayer Hall and hoping to concentrate in economics. Outside of HCCF, Andrew is a member of Harvard’s Intercollegiate Model United Nations travel team, Internal Creative Director of Harvard Undergraduate Marketing Group, and analyst for Harvard College Consulting Group. He also volunteers as an English teacher for Vietnamese immigrants in Dorchester through PBHA’s PEN Program. In his free time, Andrew enjoys catching up on sleep, watching movies, discussing religion and politics, and traveling to new destinations.

Operations Associate



Trancy is a freshman at Harvard College. She believes the positivity and extraversion in her personalities came from the sunshine in California, where she lived for the past four years after immigrating to the U.S. from Guangzhou, China. She is still taking her time to explore diverse academic paths she can possibly follow, but her main direction is set on computer science. Outside of her academic life, she loves to hip-hop dance, explore Boston with her friends, and drinking boba tea!

Operations Associate



Emilly Fan is a freshman in Hollis dorm from Auckland, New Zealand. She intends to concentrate in Environmental Science and Public Policy with a secondary in English. Emilly is also a Harvard College Association for U.S.-China Relations associate and promotes sustainability on campus with Green ’22. Outside of college, she enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring the outdoors and the local food scene with friends.

Operation Associate




Charlie Zhu is a junior from Warren, New Jersey, living in Winthrop House and studying Applied Mathematics and Economics. He will be interning in Investment Banking in New York City. Outside of HCCF, he is the Director of Staff Development for the Harvard Crimson Business Board, and enjoys watching soccer and exploring restaurants in his free time.

Development Chair


Genevieve Hu is a Sophomore living in Pfoho and is currently planning to study History and Literature. She was born in Washington D.C., USA but has lived in Hong Kong for most of her life. Aside from HCF, Genevieve is in the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association and Hong Kong Society.

Development Director


Josh Grossman is a Junior in Eliot house working on a joint concentration in Earth and Planetary Science and East Asian Studies. He grew up in London, UK, and went to high school in Boston. In addition to HCF, Josh is a member of Harvard’s radio – WHRB, the Aleph

Development Director


Jamie Chen is a sophomore in Eliot House pursuing a joint degree in Computer Science and Philosophy. She was born in San Francisco, grew up in Shanghai, and went to boarding school in Massachusetts. Aside from HCF, Jamie volunteers for the Mission Hill After School Program and writes for the Crimson. Passionate about philanthropy and education, she has worked with Stanford’s Rural Education Action Program, an organization that helps inform Chinese health, education, and nutrition policy.

Development Director


Lincoln Herrington is a junior from New York City living in Currier House. On campus, Lincoln studies Classics, plays club squash, and is involved with the Harvard Africa Business and Investment Club. He also enjoys playing soccer and cooking.

Development Associate


Victor Li is a sophomore in Leverett House from Wayland, Massachusetts intending on concentrating in Statistics or Computer Science. Victor is also involved with HCCG in addition to his responsibilities to HCCF. During high school and previous years at Harvard, he played classical piano and sang baritone in choir, Harvard Glee Club, and a cappella groups. Victor is also interested in Asian American issues.

Development Associate





Allison Zhang is a junior in Dunster House planning concentrating in Applied Math in Economics and Computer Science and pursuing a secondary in History. She was born in Beijing, China and moved to California at the age of ten. Outside of HCCF, Allison is a Student Board Member of Harvard Student Agencies and enjoys trying to dance with the Asian-American Dance Troupe. In her spare time, she likes reading, ‘Boda Borging’, and watching Chinese dramas.

Outreach Chair


Peter Zhang

Peter Zhang is a sophomore in Canaday Hall interested in studying Statistics and Applied Mathematics. He was born in Hunan Province and moved to Beijing in elementary school. He attended the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China before attending Groton School in Massachusetts. Apart from academics, his interests include tennis, jazz, singing and traveling.

Outreach Chair



Karen Chan is a freshman at Weld Hall interested in Government and Economics. Outside of HCF, she is involved with Harvard Model United Nations and Harvard National Model United Nations. Hailing from Hong Kong, Karen has an affinity for all things urban and can often be found exploring new spaces, ideas, food and ways of life.

Outreach Director



Jessica Zhang is currently a sophomore in Eliot House, intending to concentrate in Applied Math and Economics. She was born in Chicago, grew up in New Jersey and Beijing, and studied in Manila. Outside of Harvard College China Forum, Jessica is an associate for Harvard College Consulting Group and The Crimson Business Board, and she is the publicity chair for Harvard Radcliffe Chinese Student’s Association. Jessica is also a member of Harvard’s competitive club tennis team, Harvard Financial Analysts Club, and Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. She is very interested in international development and finance as well as traveling, trying new food, and listening to music.

Outreach Senior Associate



Austin Shin is a junior at Harvard College studying Stem Cell Biology and Global Health. He was born in Indiana before moving to Seoul, Korea and later split his time in between Beijing 

Outreach Senior Associate



Ery Zhu is a junior in Kirkland House, studying Biomedical Engineering, Economics, and Chinese. Outside of HCCF, Ery staffs for Harvard Model Congress, and plays music with Harvard-Radcliffe MIHNUET. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, pottery, and reading detective novels.

Outreach Associate



Addison Zhang is a freshman in Grays Hall planning to study computer science and TDM (theater, dance & media). She grew up in Zhengzhou, China and went to high school in the Bay Area. Aside from HCCF, she helps run events as part of the College Events Board and is involved in the Eleganza Show, HackHarvard and HNMUN. She always loves a good story (especially in the form of movies and shows), really enjoys meeting new people and is always looking for an adventure.

Outreach Associate



Ryan Leung is a freshman in Straus planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in East Asian Studies. He grew up in Hong Kong but moved to Lexington, MA when he was 14 years old, where he attended Lexington High School. In addition to HCCF, Ryan is part of the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association and writes for the Harvard Economics Review. Ryan enjoys watching/playing various sports, eating dim sum, and traveling.

Outreach Associate





Annabel Yao is a Sophomore in Eliot House studying Computer Science. She grew up in Hong Kong and Oxford, and went to an international high school in Shanghai. Outside of HCCF, she is also very involved with the Harvard Ballet Company, as she has been dancing since the age of five. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, working out, and learning new languages.

Finance Chair



Nancy Woo is a senior in Pforzheimer House from New York, studying economics and psychology. Before becoming Finance Advisor of HCCF, Nancy served as Finance Chair and as an associate for Marketing and Operations. Aside from HCCF, Nancy has worked for the Harvard Alumni Association and the Bureau of Study Counsel, and she is passionate about business, behavioral economics, and healthcare.

Finance Advisor



Hillary McLauchlin is a junior from Tampa, Florida living in Pforzheimer House. She is studying Social Studies and East Asian Studies. She is particularly interested in Chinese language and business in addition to film and the entertainment industry. In addition to HCCF, Hillary has written for The Crimson, serves as a Peer Advising Fellow and enjoys helping direct Harvard’s Chinatown ESL Program.

Finance Director



Raymond Wang is a sophomore in Currier House currently studying computer science and economics. Growing up in Vancouver, Raymond has served as Canada’s representative on a scientific exchange to China, and has been highly involved in promoting transpacific relations. Outside of HCCF, Raymond leads various Research and Sustainability initiatives, and also enjoys playing clarinet with the Harvard University Band.

Finance Senior Associate



Mike Bao is a sophomore in Kirkland House from Walnut, California studying Computer Science and Statistics. Outside of HCCF, Mike is involved with Harvard Consulting on Business and the Environment and the Harvard Financial Analyst Club’s Quant Research team. In his free time, Mike enjoys working on personal projects and playing frisbee and poker.

Finance Associate


Venture Committee



Demi Guo is a sophomore in Currier House at Harvard College. She was born in California, and later moved to Hangzhou, China. She’s planning to concentrate in mathematics and computer science. She loves food, dogs, running, reading poems outdoors and simply enjoying life. Besides HCCF, she conducts research and leads various organizations on campus related to women initiatives, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Venture Chair


Thomas Xin

Thomas is a B.S. candidate at Harvard concentrating in computational neuroscience. He conducted neuroscience research in the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland. His first-authored paper was published in Cerebral Cortex in 2018. Meanwhile, Thomas is the co-captain of Harvard Radcliffe Kendo Club, as well as a member of the Harvard Golf Club.

Ventures Chair



Jacob is a freshman in Greenough planning to study Computer Science. He is interested in humanizing technology in novel ways, looking at ways personal assistants like Alexa can be bolstered through research in deep learning and NLP. Over the past couple summers, Jacob interned at the US Naval Research Lab, working on projects ranging from constrained optimization solvers to Ethereum smart contracts. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys coding, trading, and running.

Venture Associate



Sara is a freshman studying CS and pursuing a secondary in East Asian Studies. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to LA in high school. Outside HCCF, she organizes HackHarvard and enjoys filmmaking, rooftopping, and going to museums.

Venture Associate



Ken Lin is a freshman in Matthews Hall. Born and raised in Foshan, China, he came to the US to attend Concord Academy in Massachusetts before coming to Harvard. Aside from HCCF, Ken works as a frosh rep at the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association and performs for the Asian American Dance Troupe. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing squash, and traveling. He is very interested in cultural exchange and entrepreneurship.

Venture Associate



Cedric is a sophomore in Currier House from Hong Kong, planning to concentrate in Statistics with a secondary in Economics or Computer Science. Cedric is extremely interested in working with startups to solve societal issues, and enjoys playing soccer, browsing through museums, and reading in his spare time.

Venture Associate





Bicheng Han is a PhD student from Center of Brain Science, he focuses on studying of multiple sensory integration, he is also the founder of BrainCo Inc, a start-up developing wearable device for the brain.